Cyber Wars: In the Future America will Need Programmers Not Soldiers


Why America Needs to Start Graduating Students at Young Age (DRAFT)

This week’s Business week magazine from cover says ” Would you invest in a company that lost $2 trillion last year and has a net worth of negative $44 trillion? USA Inc.”

The reason we are here in such a mess is because the business model that we have today no longer works.  In addition our priorities in life have change.  If you live in NYC or have managed to attend either a Broadway show or Yankee game you can realized how bad the infrastructure of highways, bridges and tunnels are.  How sad is it that we can afford three brand new ballparks (Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and Giants/Jets Meadowlands) but the bridge that takes you there is falling apart.  Furthermore these stadiums were built within a few years, unlike the Queensborough bridge that it has been worked on for the past 15 years and they still not done.




IMA 502 Production Schedule

Release Date May 2011

Length of Development

Register 12/16/2010            1 Day

Meeting with designers 01/03/2011            2 Days

Assign designers (design project)             30 Days

Project Design website 02/03/2011            2 Days

Assign execution plan with designers 30 Days

Meeting with Programmers 3/7/2011              2 Days

Project with Programmers            3/15/2011            30 Days

Start gathering Sales Team            3/9/2011            3 Days                        (for testing phase)

Start Selling/Presenting                 3/15/2011         30 Days                       (for testing phase)

Testing Phase                                  4/15/2011                15 Days

Debugging Phase                     4/30/2011                        15 Days

Final Phase                    5/15/2011

Number of Developers

1 Project manager

2 Programmers

2 Artists

1 Designers

1 Quality assurance

1 Sound and music engineer

1 Salesforce

IMA 502 Thesis Proposal Two


Ever since last year’s dramatic decline in the wake of the 2008 financial panic and ensuing recession, Universities across the United States have being struggling in keep up with registering students and maintenance of faculty, staff and buildings.  It is very difficult to pay wages if no income from register students is coming in.  Not only it is hard for private Universities, which are driven by tuition alone, but also state Universities because taxes are not being collected from people that are unemployed.

There is a technology revolution also called disruptive technology making head waves and it is transforming not only education but also the stream revenue income for Universities.  The most notable is the Internet education, online learning or blended learning.  Students no longer must sit in a classroom in order to learn or attend a class.  Universities across the United States are realizing that face-to-face learning with a combination of face virtual face combines the best of both worlds.  Students can register online and attend classes virtually in addition to attending classes on campus.  Not only does this create an engagement environment for learning but it also brings down the cost of utilities (electrical and lab machines) and maintenance of a building.

There is one thing to keep in mind in all of this, which is the student.  Students are looking for answers, ideas, research and guidance in the Internet.  Unfortunately there is just too much information to filter and sometimes frustrating in finding the right answer.  The Internet is clutter with useful information and useless information.   To this date the best solution to some of these questions is having some people from your same peers guide you and inform you what are the best sites or answer to some of your research.  In a way this is what Twitter, Youtube and Facebook is doing.  But these sites are still clutter with useless information and tags with unknown names and useless tutorials it is also a distraction for students.  While a serious student is searching for an answer or tutorial, a student can end up wasting value time and frustrated with some of the videos, content or opinions.  This is why by creating a portal such as where registered students only can have access with the approval of tutors and supported by professors.

Mission Statement brings great things to students. designs an environment to educate students with the help of tutors where students become tutors and tutors become students.  Where to learn is to teach and to teach is to learn.  Posttutor is the best tutor website in the world.  It will lead the education revolution with its posttutor website, client, podcasts and App while defining the future of education.

Vision is going to be the learners dream site.

Operations is a fresh style website that promotes online learning.  Posttutor provides a welcoming environment for teaching and learning where the core values are compassion, respect, encouragement, motivation and the pursuit of excellence.  Part of the operations is to acquire new clients through University campuses across the United States.  Our client base is going to be (Students, Tutors/Mentors and Professors).


Cloud Computing-Storage for the amount of online video content and lesson plans

Wordpres-This is the leader in blogs and create blogrolls

Macbook pros-website designers and programmers

Our Products offers the following:

Great designed website promoting online learning.

Flash and Video podcast tutorials

Lesson Plans (Students, Tutors and Professors)

E-books (iPad, Nook, Kindle)

Digital Library (online databases)

Universities’ Programs Information (Programs where students can enroll)

Technology Digital Ads (HP, Apple, Microsoft, Smart Technologies) that will promote education

IMA 502 First Assignment (landing on our feet)

Technology is the leader today in entertainment, business, education and most importantly learning.  Students today are using the disruptive technology of mobile devices like the iPad, android, netbooks with technologies like Youtube, Twitter, Google and Facebook.  It is critical that educators and students embrace these disruptive technologies in order to communicate and learn.

This is why the idea of creating a site is ideal to the needs of educators but most importantly students.  In the era where students are teaching and tutoring each other, we must create a portal that is similar to Youtube or Facebook but encourages learning. will embrace this disruptive learning environment, in order to keep students focused on learning and keep away the distractions that Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google create.  In addition the site will be supported with the expertise of the professors.

As a developer using programming languages like Java, C and Objective C, which are the language of Applications (Apps), we can create Apps for that encourage students to tutor each other through a client from their iPad or mobile device while in touch with their site.  Perfect examples of this are the apps created today by Twitter and Facebook that allow people to communicate through their iPhone using the Twitter and Facebook apps.

There is no question that this project is very ambitious but than again it seems like it was yesterday people were dialing up to the Internet through a 14,400 bts modem.  Like the movie Field of Dreams “if you built it they will come”.